Tom Goss on DADT and Social Justice

Some humans, it seems, use their powers for good.

This is certainly the case with Tom Goss, a young musician who is using both his art and his life to affect issues of social justice.  He has coordinated a breakfast program for the homeless and most recently, with the help of Matt Alber, has written about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  The result is a music video called “Lover.”

“For months, I heard stories from service members and their partners about the reality of military life, deployment, war, and being left behind.  However, when I turned on the news these stories were continually boiled down to a political discussion of numbers, forgetting that it’s people (and their loved ones) that lie behind the numbers,” Goss says via his website.

Goss passed through Washington, D.C. recently; he has upcoming shows in Boston, New York, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland.  Check his website to see if your town or city will be a stop on his tour.  And while, you’re at it, take a listen.

The acoustic rock that Goss offers up is easy to listen to.  His lyrics are a reminder that, for the most part, people just want to live, work, and love honorably, that deep-down, we’re all pretty much the same.  If Goss delivers a political message, it’s one of hope, acceptance, and love.

As his website bio reads: “Tom’s music remains a playlist for anyone on a journey from darkness to light.”