Trump the Bully Runs His Mouth, Not Country

Perhaps I should be writing about President Obama’s announcement regarding the deadly raid on Osama bin Laden, and his glowing praise of the countless men and women in our military and special investigative units who, over the past decade, have played a role in this victory.

Instead, I’m (reluctantly) focusing on bonehead billionaire Donald Trump, who loves himself more than life and who said he indeed plans to seek the office of President of the United States, although he hasn’t made a formal announcement.

Imagine the Donald delivering the news that Obama made regarding bin Laden.  It probably would have gone something like this:  “I’m so proud of myself for what has been accomplished.  I’m the first person who has done anything meaningful in the war on terror. No one else has been able to achieve this.”

Of course, he’d be spitting into the microphone and stabbing his finger in the air, his trade-mark comb-over flapping in the wind.

I mean, can’t you hear it?  The ego?  The gloating?  The glorifying of self?

Do I have a problem with the Donald running?

Nope.  Entirely his right….um….as long as he was born in the country and agrees to release his tax documents.  (Okay, and hire a stylist).

Do I think he’d make a good President?

Get real.

A good bully?  Absolutely.  (And yes, I realize the phrase “good bully” is oxymoronic).

Bullying is the Donald’s M.O.  Catch him using the F-word in a speech in Las Vegas. Listen to him muse about bossing China on business issues and the Middle East on oil prices, while saying little of substance about actual foreign policy and trade matters.

Witness him demanding the President’s long-form birth certificate — and when that’s produced — refusing to review it, then going on to question Obama’s stellar Ivy League academic record, without presenting a shred of evidence.  Instead, he gossips, pulling figures from his orifices or saying he read something in the press, but never once citing a source.  He is as slimy as a fish in the East River.

Finally, watch the Donald during an interview.  It’s a slap fest, with the Bully, i.e. the Trumpinator, interrupting and blaring, “Excuse me, excuse me” until he drowns out the interviewer.  Surprised his Aqua Net doesn’t collapse under all his self-generated hot air.

If the Donald can’t be in control, he can’t deal.  Look at how stone-faced he was at the Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday night when Obama nudged back, making Trump the butt of jokes.  The Donald sat stone-faced throughout the speech and afterwards said he was surprised by the President’s words.

He can dish it out but he can’t take it.  That’s the psychology of bullies.  They have to be the aggressors because they don’t know how to be anything else. They are too insecure to handle scrutiny or to shoulder even a watered-down version of the barbs they heave towards others. They are cowards.  Wimps. Emasculated boors.

Which makes what the Donald forced the President to do last week all that more sad.

Don’t get me wrong; it was right for President Obama to come out with his birth certificate in an attempt to silence both Trump and the Birthers. He was spot on when he said that, we, as a nation, “do not have time for this kind of silliness.” The President, as usual, was the adult in the room.  But it was sad, nonetheless, that the opinions of conspiracy theorists had to even be acknowledged.  Sad that this kind of proof hadn’t been demanded of a president in years.  But now that there’s a black man in the White House, well…some in this country can hardly think straight.

So what can the rest of us do?  The ones who believe this President is honorable and intelligent and well-meaning?  The ones who believe he is a true leader?

What are we obligated to do in the face of remarks such as Trump’s?

The same thing one does when anyone is bullying another….Stand up! Say something.  Don’t sit by as morons like Trump mouth off.  Tell people you find him and his ilk offensive.  Call a senator.  Call the Republican National Committee.  Call your neighbor.  Boycott Trump’s show, his hotels, his golf courses, his casinos.

Do something.  This kind of maliciousness and obvious lack of both intellect and compassion are not what our country needs — now or ever.


  1. Bob Highberger says:

    I don’t have any plans to vote for Donald. I was also shocked that Obama said the pledge at the end of his Usama announcement. He’s already on the campaign trail. I wonder if it pained him to do that?

    • Bruce Reynolds says:

      I think most Republicans would agree with the assessment of Trump as an ego-maniacal goofus who’s wealth was largely inherited and not earned through business savvy, but that’s not why Republicans support him in largely meaningless polls right now. We support him because he’s the only “candidate” willing to reject the false premises of the Left. Take abortion for example. During an interview, Trump called the reporter, correctly, on asking if he felt there was a right to privacy in the Constitution, when what she really meant was a right to abortion. Liberals, who will fight to the last breath to protect abortion, refuse to utter the word! In the 2008 debates, all four Dem candidates refused to use the word when asked about abortion by Wolf Blitzer. Instead, all four said “I believe in a woman’s right to… privacy.” If abortion is so important, why can’t they even utter the word? Because they know if they try to argue for abortions, they’ll lose. Was Trump a bully for trying to force a reporter to ask the question she really wanted the answer to, instead of using a false premise? I don’t think so.

      In another interview, the reporter posted the false premise that a Registration of Live Birth is the same thing as a birth certificate, when anyone who’s ever applied for a passport knows that is not the truth. Was Trump a bully for calling Viera on her “everybody knows…” false suppositions, or should he be heralded for calling a reporter on posing a question on a false pretense? I think the later.

      Liberals in the media love to phrase questions as “everybody knows…”, “many people are saying/asking…”, “most people feel that…” when what they are really doing is projecting their own attitudes and masking the projection under the guise that a majority share their view when they usually don’t. Trump’s popularity largely stems from the fact that he doesn’t play that game.

      Lastly, as to how Trump would have acknowledged the efforts of our troops, I thought you were actually offering a fair analysis of the speech Obama did give. Being as this mission was entirely based on intel that was initially gathered back in 2003 or so, and developed throughout the Bush presidency, wasn’t it a bit egotistical of Obama to pin all the credit on his own administration? I think so.