Cogitating on Dumb Stuff in Politics


Here’s a rundown of questionable and stupid moves in national politics and related spheres during the past two weeks, and what some of us think about it all:

Mitt Romney singing every verse of “America the Beautiful.” Twice :  Stop it! Please? If you must sing to prove you can hold your own (not really) with the Crooner in Chief, can you, like the President, just give us a stanza rather than the whole bleeping song?

An irritated Rick Santorum, telling sick adults and the parents of ill children, to suck it up when it comes to the high cost of medicine:  Seriously?  You are siding with drug companies?  Do you know how much money these companies make and how much power they wield, much of it the result of questionable tactics? Are you naive? Are you heartless?  Are you on crack?!

Newt attacking the media for asking him about past infidelities: Um…Public Figure + Dumb Personal Decisions = Public Questioning and Humiliation.  Get used to it.

Mitt on saying he’s not worried about the poor: Dude! Do you realize the poor get a vote?

Susan G. Komen Foundation’s decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood: Saying the move isn’t political is like saying cigarette smoking isn’t harmful.

One Million Moms protesting J.C. Penney’s hiring of Ellen Degeneres as a spokesperson, arguing the star’s homosexuality will drive customers away:  Wondering what you million moms will do when one of your million kids comes out to you?  Push him “back in”?!  Kudos to J.C. Penney for sticking with Ellen.

Donald Trump endorsing Mitt, after calling him a “small businessman,” and Herman Cain endorsing Newt, but saying he likes Mitt, too: Ego times four + Inauthentic times four = A whole lot of crazy.